Daily Dice Masterpost

Hey folks!  A lot of people expressed interest in seeing what I get in the dice-a-day box I got from Pips Mountain.  For convenience, the links to each day’s posts are all here.

I’m not associated with Pips Mountain or getting compensation for promoting them in any way.  I just thought this would be fun to check out.  However, since I started talking about it, a lot of people have also expressed interest.  So here’s the link to their site:


They are also in the process of setting up a referral program, but it’s a little rough right now.  For now, if you decide to get a box for yourself and you have two seconds, shoot me a message through any of my social media and I’ll figure it out with them.

Basically, if you get dice and tell me, they’ll send ME more dice, and then y’all potentially get to see me open…  More Dice!

Overview of the Box

Day 1! – D10: Blue and Pink with Silver Glitter!

Day 2! – D6: VERY Neon Green and Purple with Red Numbers!

Day 3!– D12: GORGEOUS Pink and Purple marbeled effect with just a tiny bit of white glitter where the colors meet!  My favorite so far!

Day 4! – D10: Sparkly and Bubblegum Pink!

Day 5! – D4: Sparkly and Lemon Yellow!

Day 6! – D10: Clear Die with Orange and Purple Swirls!

Day 7! – D10: With gold glitter inside!

Day 8! – D12: A gorgeous Red and Blue!  Almost looks like fire!

Day 9! – D20: Our first one!  It’s purple and blue with gold numbers!

Day 10!– D8: Pink and Purple, with glitter in the purple!

Day 11! – D6: A Layered, Multicolor Die with Gold Numbers!

Day 12! – D12: A Nice Green D12 for Day 12!

Day 13! – D10: Clear with Orange and Purple inside and Gold Letters.  Similar to Day 6, but not quite a match

Day 14! – D20: The D20 from our Pink and Purple Set!